Tyre Service

An average tyre would last for 50,000 km. Remember this is your only link to the road!

When choosing the tyres you want to know your options:

1st is your budget. Cheap Chinese tyre can start at little as €35. They would still do the job for average 50,000km, however the connection to the road will not be as good leading to longer braking distance. The grip won’t be as thought through say for wet and rainy days. You also can experience more noise as usual while driving.

2nd is the tread you want. Rain tread is fantastic for the wet days and driving through puddles but is very unsafe in case of black ice and little frost. M+S tread stand for Mud and Snow and can be used all year in any weather.

So have a chat to our mechanics and pick what suits you the best.

We offer FREE 3D wheel alignment if you purchase 4 tyres.

*We are Repak compliant tyre distributer.